Image processing systems from VITRONIC are used in fully automated, networked production and in traffic management. We are pioneers of a technology that is developing rapidly and is gaining more and more relevance in the age of digitalization.

In the beginning it was "only" about the precise monitoring of vehicles in traffic or the reliable inspection of welds by powerful sensors. For some years now, the exchange of data, their visualization and interpretation as well as their transmission to higher-level control and database systems have been increasingly in the spotlight. Because that is where our systems come in.

We are researchers and engineers with heart and soul. What stands before every new step, before every development? Curiosity. Through curiosity, we have developed from pioneers to technology leaders. We firmly believe in progress and technology and are intensively engaged in future-oriented topics. We are already developing solutions for many of these topics. Other topics are visions that we passionately discuss.

VITRONIC was founded as a one-man start-up. Our family business has now developed into a global player. Then, as now, we are open-minded and appreciate new perspectives on familiar topics.
Daniel Scholz-Stein Chief Sales Officer

We know the markets and the challenges our customers face. And we go every extra mile for a tailor-made solution. We know that the best solutions result from partnership. Communication at eye level is therefore particularly important to us. The basis for this is clear and trusting discussions.

This was the initial spark for this blog. Here we shed light on trends, challenges and opportunities. We have defined Smart Mobility, Smart Logistics and Smart Production as our fields of activity. We will approach them step by step. We want to open up the horizon and do not yet know where the journey will take us.


  • founded 1984 in Wiesbaden
  • over 1,000 employees worldwide
  • subsidiaries on 4 continents
  • customers in over 60 countries

Our products bear the sign "Made in Germany". We are proud of our excellent product quality.

Research, development, construction and production are located together with the administration at the headquarters in Wiesbaden. In our core areas of automation and traffic technology, we offer our customers the wealth of experience gained over 35 years. From standard products with customer-specific expandable modules to individual special solutions, we jointly define goals, analyse and develop solution concepts.

the machine vision people
Whether in automation or traffic engineering: With our systems our customers see more. The combination of hardware, data and intelligent evaluation makes applications and analyses possible that were unthinkable until recently. A previously hidden world becomes visible and usable.
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